Studio Challenges

Studio Challenges get students working together, being creative and engaged in learning music!

Corey creates elaborate studio challenges to motivate his students! Some of his challenges include: Harry Potter, Avengers, Phineas & Ferb, MineCraft, PAW Patrol, Shopkins, Mario, Disney, Monster Mash, 12 Days of Christmas, Naruto and How To Train Your Dragon!

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Repertoire Selection

One of the greatest motivators is the excitement of learning a song you've always wanted to learn, or learning a song you can perform for your friends!

Corey regularly finds and arranges music choices for his students so that they enjoy playing piano each day and develop their love for music first and foremost.

Students at Piano Expressions with Corey have access to a massive library of music at all levels, including: Disney, Hits, Popular, Favourites, Classics, Jazz & Blues, Rock ‘n Roll, Ragtime & Marches, Hymns, Kids’ Songs, Christmas, Jewish Favourites, Chinese Music, and a wide variety of video game music, movie music, classical music, Celtic music, broadway musicals, pop music, duets and trios.

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Register for Lessons

Piano Expressions with Corey is currently accepting students for the 2021 Waiting List. Take advantage of a free consultation!