What To Expect

Corey enjoys teaching students at all levels of development, using individualized practice strategies and resources to help each student achieve their personal best; however, learning the piano requires a high level of self-discipline and commitment. Students are expected to practice daily (5 days/week) and work on the tasks assigned each week.

Take a couple of minutes to listen to the videos below, which highlight students in each stage of the piano-learning journey (Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced), and outline some details for each level.

Beginner Piano

Dwin is a beginner student (0-1 years of lessons), at 5 years old. He is using "My First Piano Adventure" books, and a variety of fun games and resources! The goal is to build a love of music, establish a foundation in music and rhythm and develop good practice habits. Here he is, performing "Will You Play?"

Elementary Piano

Gavin is an elementary student (2-3 years of lessons), and he practices 30 minutes/day! He is entering the Preparatory Royal Conservatory repertoire. We regularly work on improvising, reading music, rote-playing, and playing by ear in his lessons. Here he is, performing "The Entertainer".

Intermediate Piano

 Daisy is an intermediate student (4-6 years of lessons), and she practices about 45 minutes/day! She has completed the Level 5 Practical and Theory Exams through the Royal Conservatory of Music with First Class Honours with Distinction. Here she is, performing "Black Cat Scherzo".

Advanced Piano

David is an advanced student (7+ years of lessons), and he practices 60 minutes/day! He has completed the Level 8 Practical Exam with First Class Honours with Distinction. At this level, we work to master technique, sight-reading, ear-training, and performance. Here he is, performing "Thriller".

Shared Lessons

Marcus and Mickayla enrolled in shared lesson together in Summer 2020. We covered skills needed to perform in an ensemble, learn to listen to one another, count together, and balance the melody and accompaniment parts. We also play a variety of music theory and music history games and activities.

Parent-Child Duets

Mila and her mother also enrolled in a couple of shared lessons together prior to our Halloween Recital in 2020. While Mila and her mother both take private lessons as well, the occasional shared lesson allows us to prepare music they can play together! Such a valuable experience for them both!

Adult Lessons

Corey teaches many adult students with a variety of backgrounds in music and piano. While some of his adult students took piano lessons as a child, others are coming to the piano for the very first time. Here is Anthony, performing "Halloween Boo" after only 2 months of piano lessons!


Corey assists students through the various stages of writing their own music. Marcus picked a key, chose a series of beautiful chords, a time signature, and experimented with various octaves and styles between his hands. Here is Marcus, performing his very first composition: "Twilight Bloom"!

Teacher Performance

Corey enjoys adding a piece to each recital to inspire his students to keep practicing. Corey has performed music from "Beauty and the Beast", "How to Train Your Dragon", the "Mario Theme Song", "Spooky Scary Skeleton" or this gorgeous arrangement of "Silent Night". For more performances to enjoy, CLICK HERE!

Teaching Philosophy

Learn more about Corey's teaching
philosophies and goals for his students.

Lesson Plan & Curriculum

Learn more about performances, music games, studio challenges, and apps & technology!

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