Collaboration of Student, Parent & Teacher

At Piano Expressions with Corey, teamwork between our students, their parents and the teacher is fundamental to our curriculum! With a parent's involvement, encouragement and loving attitude towards music, your child will excel in their musical journey.

Playing the piano is a life-long experience of constant learning. Our teachers will be there to give your child an excellent start and offer guidance along the way! Read below to learn more about how the specific roles of the student, parent and teacher work together.

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Role of the Student

View performances of students in Beginner through Advanced levels, and understand what is required.

Role of the Parent

As a piano parent, you play a vital role in ensuring your child succeeds in their piano lessons.

Role of the Teacher

Instill a love for music, celebrate their identity, customize the approach and engage their brain.

Teaching in Action

See below for students participating in a music games, rhythm work and performing a piece learned by rote!

Musical Games

Raina has been hard at work learning new paired eighth-note rhythms. She has been counting 1+2+ and saying “tee tee tah...” while she plays, practicing slowly and carefully, and working with her KJOS IPS app! Here she is, clapping the rhythms to one of our music theory games: "Rhythm Vocab".

Reading & Rhythms

Scott is learning through Faber Piano Adventures, currently in Level 1! Faber's curriculum is one of the most popular reading-based methods, full of great pedagogical ideas and loads of additional resources. Here he is, playing the drums to "Forest Drums Rhythm".

Learning By Rote

Sierra is learning through Piano Safari, with patterned pieces taught by rote that provide engaging music for students from the first lesson, improvisation ideas for developing creativity, animal themed Technique Exercises for piano technique, and much more! Here she is, playing "I Like Bananas".




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