“Sharing is Caring”

From January to December 2021, Piano Expressions with Corey will sent over 300 videos of student performances to all 130 personal care homes across the province to help bring joy to the residents during the Covid-19 pandemic. Nearly 10,000 elders enjoyed our 30-minute virtual recitals each month!

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"Safe at Home Manitoba Grants"

In April 2021, "Sharing is Caring" was selected to receive a "Safe at Home Manitoba Grant".

What was “Sharing is Caring"?

“Sharing is Caring” was a virtual, intergenerational, community outreach program in which piano recitals featuring dozens of students of Piano Expressions with Corey that were shared monthly with care homes across Manitoba for the entire year of 2021. This program facilitated an important connection between elders and younger generations through music, artwork and virtual communication.

What was our purpose?

The pandemic has been incredibly difficult—most of all for our elders. Dozens of personal care homes had COVID-19 outbreaks, and one can only imagine the challenges that nursing and recreation staff faced each day, working tirelessly to prevent loneliness and isolation. “Sharing is Caring” provided staff with a valuable resource to help lift the spirits of the elders throughout 2021 and beyond.

Who did we reach?

One benefit of this new virtual format was that we expanded our reach considerably. By working directly with Regional Health Authorities across MB, "Sharing is Caring" was strategically set up to include all of the 130 personal care homes in Manitoba, meaning almost 10,000 elders across the province be able to enjoy our students’ musical performances. We were also able to share music with residents who -- regardless of the pandemic -- wouldn't have been able to leave their rooms for live entertainment.

How were our recitals viewed?

Recreation Managers received a link to a YouTube Playlist around the 22nd of each month to view one of our piano recitals, along with a program description to introduce the recital to their residents.

These recitals were viewed either in a one-on-one setting, with staff and volunteers bringing a tablet to show student performances to the residents in their rooms, or they may have set up a laptop/projector to watch the recitals safely in small groups.

After watching each video, the program facilitator was encouraged to ask the resident(s) what they thought of the performance, and write a short, anonymous comment directly on the child’s video into the YouTube Playlist. Our students were able to read the comments from elders, and were in turn motivated to write letters and create artwork to send back to them.

How long did “Sharing is Caring” last?

The program featured twelve recitals, sent out each month from January to December 2021. When the final recital was sent out, staff were encouraged to re-watch the recitals each month in 2022 and beyond.

What do the Studies Say?

Benefits of Live Music Performances

Music appears to be a unique and powerful stimulus for reaffirming personal identity and social connectedness in individuals with dementia. Music can elicit emotions and memories and help provide a link to a person's past and promote interconnection with caregivers and others with dementia. (Read source here.)

Benefits of Intergenerational Programs

After interacting with children, people living with dementia have a higher level of positive engagement, and a higher frequency of smiling and conversation. Intergenerational interaction serves as a meaningful activity and improves the quality of life by reducing behavioural challenges and improving social development. (Read source here.)

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