Role of the Teacher

As an educator, it is important to see the value music has for students of all ages, and to help them connect to it and express through it on their own terms. Beyond the fun challenges, games and resources, the "Role of the Teacher" lies at the heart of our teaching style and pedagogical philosophies.

Read below for four key elements valued at Creative Expressions Music Academy, which begin with instilling a love for music in each child, celebrating their identity through the music they play, customizing the individual approach to help each child succeed, and finally engaging their brain and helping them grow.

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Instills a Love for Music

Instills a Love for Music

Every life is touched by music. When a teacher instills a love for music in the hearts of their students, music becomes a gift that they may cherish, nurture and share with others. Our teaching philosophy centers around Expression and Creativity, in that students learn to use music to express themselves and their creativity!

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Philosophy in Action

The focus of the summer was for students to love piano. Alex was very excited to play his whole lesson out in the sunshine for the neighbours to enjoy!

Watch Alex performing one of his favourite pieces: "School Carnival" in a memorable outdoor piano lesson in Corey's backyard!

Celebrates Identity

Celebrates Identity

Whether their goal is to play a favourite song, take examinations for high school credits, learn to improvise, compose music of their own, perform publicly on the grand stage, or play for personal enrichment. Rather than conforming to one standard program, we encourage students to celebrate their identity through their music.



Philosophy in Action

Mitch was very excited to put his own spin on the actions for this song, and his personality and humour shone through.

Watch Mitch as he creates his own unique actions to work on his rhythms and distinguish between his half notes and quarter notes!

Offers a Customized Approach

Offers a Customized Approach

Playing an instrument involves a large number of skills that are demanded simultaneously. For one student, coordination may be an issue, and for another, the issue might be staying in time. We watch carefully and assist students in achieving their musical goals in ways that are not detrimental to their body.

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Philosophy in Action

Mira is in her first few weeks of piano lessons, and the focus at this stage is to make sure she has correct wrist, hand and finger movements as she plays.

Watch Mira as she learns how to curve her fingers and move her wrists in a healthy manner in the song "Cookie Dough"!

Engages a Pianists' Brain

Engages a Pianists' Brain

The study of music requires discipline and hard work, and this process engages the pianists’ brain. Music lessons boost beneficial, transferable skills such as with language development, reading comprehension, creativity, time-management, pattern-recognition, concentration, patience, and self-esteem!


Philosophy in Action

This student has been in lessons for only a couple of months, but is already beginning to explore all the sounds on the piano and make their own decisions.

Watch as this student takes one of their favourite pieces "Racoon's Lullaby", and improvises a dream at the end of the piece!

"The development of musical expression enhances a student’s innate ability to express themselves."

Corey Francis, B. Mus.

Role of the Student

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Role of the Parent

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