Role of the Parent

Parent Education

One of the most important parts of your lesson package is parent education. When families join the studio, they soon find out that TEAMWORK between our students, their parents and the teacher is fundamental to our curriculum! We make sure that you as parents also feel confident in your role as the essential third part of the studio team.

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Growing & Evolving

As students continue taking lessons, the parental role changes. Your child is given more autonomy and lesson attendance is gradually phased out (though you are always welcome). Your main role is to help your child establish a practice routine, encourage them to stick to it, support them in their journey, and know our lesson policies/procedures.

We're Here to Help

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"Piano Expressions Parents"

Our private Facebook group offers parents a safe place to communicate, ask questions, share ideas, switch lesson slots, and foster a sense of community!

Role of the Student

Watch videos of students in Beginner to Advanced levels.

Role of the Teacher

Read Corey's philosophies around music education.

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