Recital Opportunities

We believe it is important for students to have many opportunities to perform to practice polishing their pieces, motivate progress and get comfortable with sharing their music!

Our recitals include: Halloween, Christmas and St. Patrick's Day, where students wear fun costumes, as well as a formal recital each year, which is often held in a park (when weather allows)!

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Recital Tradition: "Nice Notes"

In January 2020, students took part in a little experiment we called "Nice Notes", where students and parents left a comment regarding each student's performance. Ultimately, each student took home dozens of sticky-notes and placed them up around their piano at home! This has become a studio tradition - fostering a sense of community in our studio!

This process was really inspiring and motivating for the students, and had a long-lasting impact on their sense of self-worth and their confidence in identifying as a musician. Students are encouraged by reading these positive notes while practicing their piano pieces each day!


Exam & Festival Preparation

We enjoy teaching intermediate and advanced students, helping them achieve their goals!

Many students prepare for exams through the Royal Conservatory of Music. We teach up to Level 10 Practical and Level 8 Theory, and our students consistently achieve First Class Honours (80-89%) and First Class Honours with Distinction (90-100%) in their exams!

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Now Accepting Students

Creative Expressions Music Academy is now accepting students for piano, voice, violin, flute, guitar, bass, and drums. Sign up today!