Lesson Policies

We do not offer traditional "make-up lessons" in our studio. Instead, your monthly payment reserves a time each week for your child(ren), and we try to be accommodating by offering a variety of alternate lesson options for you to explore when you have a week you aren't able to attend in person.

Online Lessons

Online Lessons (using Zoom, FaceTime, FB Messenger and Skype) are perfect if your child is free at the regular lesson time, but just can’t make it to the studio. For example, if you have car troubles or have a babysitter in who doesn’t drive, or even if your child is feeling too ill to come to the studio. This is also the lesson option we move to as a studio during Covid-19 Restrictions.

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Video Lessons

Video Lessons are a good choice when you are aware that something will be coming up at our lesson time that you can’t reschedule. Simply send through a video before our lesson time playing through their assignments. We will review it during our lesson time and provide feedback, notes or a reply video (as appropriate) so your child can keep progressing. Please be aware that this is not an “after-the-fact” option for missed lessons.

Lesson Swaps

With the establishment of a private "parents group" on Facebook, parents are now able to switch lessons with one another on a week-to-week basis:

Step 1: Post your lesson time/date/length of lesson.
Step 2: Confirm with the parent that offers to switch.
Step 3: Both parents text in group text to inform us.
Step 4: If you can't switch, consider other alternatives.

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Additional Studio Policies

We have some additional studio policies that are important for parents and students to understand prior to signing up for lessons with us. Please read below for our practice expectations, late policy, family attendance, information on recitals, festivals and exams, our withdrawal process, and lesson adaptations during Covid-19.

Practice Expectation

As parents, you will have a discussion with your child around what it means to take music lessons. Young children especially need help to maintain a daily practice routine - much like you do for dinner, homework, or brushing their teeth. Practicing piano for 15-45 min/day for 5 days/week is required to make progress. Students who do not practice may be given 30 days' notice.

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Late Policy

If a student is more than 15 minutes late for their lesson, the lesson is forfeited out of respect for our time.

Please let us know in advance when you will be late for (or miss) a lesson, so that we are able to rearrange our schedule for the evening, or make better use of our time. Otherwise, we are messaging repeatedly asking if you're on your way, or watching the door for a vehicle to arrive.

Family Attendance

Please walk into the studio no more than 1-2 minutes prior to your lesson, out of respect for the time of the student before you. Your child must be picked up at the end of the lesson, as our focus is on the next student.

Siblings who are not taking lessons are generally not permitted, but we encourage parents of younger students to attend the lesson so you know how to help at home!

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Recitals, Festivals and Exams

Four studio recitals are planned each year (Halloween, Christmas, St. Patrick's Day and in June). Participation in our studio recitals is optional but greatly encouraged for all students! Students (Level 1 RCM+) may participate in the Winnipeg Music Festival, which happens between February and March each year, or register for RCM Exams. Students will be well-prepared for these exams and performances.

Withdrawal Process

The parent or student is required to give one-month (30 days) written notice in the event that the parent or student decides to withdraw from their lessons. It is possible to break the lesson contract between September 1 and March 31 each year. Any uncashed cheques will be returned, provided 30 days' notice has been given, and the request was made prior to March 31.


Covid-19 Lesson Adaptations

We've managed to keep our weekly lessons fun and engaging during the pandemic! More information on how our music school is managing safety precautions, online lesson options and our studio challenges and recitals can be found on our Covid-19 Page!

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