"The development of musical expression enhances a student’s innate ability to express themselves."

Corey Francis, B. Mus, R.M.T.


Engages a Pianists' Brain

Every life is touched by music. Those who play a musical instrument are entrusted with a gift that they may cherish, nurture and share with others. The study of piano requires discipline and hard work, and this process engages the pianists’ brain. Piano lessons can improve math skills, language development, reading comprehension, creativity, time management, concentration, patience, and self-esteem!

Instills a Love for Music

Studies show that music assists students with their studies and in expressing themselves and their creativity. When a teacher instills a love for music in the hearts of their students, music will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Corey’s teaching philosophy centers around Expression. He provides students with the tools and understanding to express themselves through music in order to develop professional growth and a fiery passion for music.

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Offers a Customized Approach

Playing the piano involves a large number of skills that are demanded simultaneously. For one student, coordination may be an issue, and for another, the issue might be staying in time. Playing naturally and practicing efficiently is important. Corey watches carefully and offers suggestions to assist the student in achieving their musical goals in ways that are not detrimental to their body. He takes into account each student’s goals, their prior learning and personal musical ambitions.

Celebrates Identity

When taking lessons, the student's goals may be to play a favourite piece of music, take examinations for high school credits, learn to improvise, compose music of their own, perform publicly on the grand stage, or play for personal enrichment. By using fresh musical resources that the student can relate to (rather than conforming to one standard program), Corey encourages students to celebrate their identity through their music.



Now Accepting Students

Piano Expressions with Corey is currently accepting students for the 2021 Waiting List. Take advantage of a free consultation!