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CTV News

In January 2021, Piano Expressions with Corey initiated a community outreach program to reach as many as 10,000 of our elders living in personal care homes across Manitoba, to help lift their spirits this winter and spring.

Recitals will be emailed to care homes each month, along with samples of their artwork for the residents to enjoy.

CityNews Winnipeg

Watch an interview with Marie Gomez, a reporter from CityNews Winnipeg (and fellow musician) which aired on January 16, 2021.

Further details for our "Sharing is Caring" program are provided, and there is a special focus on how the program will benefit our students, as well as the elders enjoying the music in personal care homes.

Global Winnipeg

Watch an interview with Corey's piano students Mila, Kinley and their mom Rhonda as they visit with reporter Kahla Evans of Global News Winnipeg. They share how excited they are that their piano performances will reach their great-grandmother in Dauphin PCH, as well as all the other grandmas and grandpas!

PembinaValley Online

In light of all of the personal care homes from the Southern Health-Santé Sud RHA signing up to our program, the lovely Jayme Giesbrecht called Corey for an interview for CFAM and CJRB radio.

Here they talk about his personal connection to seniors and how this inspired our "Sharing is Caring" program, with a special thank you to our students and their families at the end. You can listen to short clips of Corey's answers to each question!

Classic 107

Our "Sharing is Caring" program was shared by Winnipeg's Classic 107, titled: "Winnipeg Pianist Sharing Music with Seniors".

CJOB Radio

Listen to an interview with Julie Buckingham and Richard Cloutier, as they help introduce "Sharing is Caring" to the community.

Shaw Spotlight

Lizzy Symons sheds some light on the reasons "Sharing is Caring" was created, highlighting the talents of many Piano Expressions with Corey students by showcasing clips of their performances. This video became the introduction to our program and was sent out to the personal care homes.

Discover Westman

In this blog written by Betty Sawatzky, Corey speaks about a variety of online studio recitals that culminated in the "Sharing is Caring" program.

“It’s a really cool thing where it would never have come together had we not had the pandemic,” explains Francis. “We didn’t have any reason to record our recitals prior to this and to think of that after the work of planning a live recital, well I didn’t even think of it.”


Read through another story about our "Sharing is Caring" program, written by Betty Sawatzky for CHVN.

The Brandon Sun

Here you can read through our first press release, sent out following the "test run" held at Luther Home. We promptly called the local care homes in Brandon, Souris and Dauphin, MB to include them in our program, as students of Piano Expressions with Corey have personal connections in these homes.

A huge thank you to Michele LeTourneau, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter for running this story on our behalf. A few changes have been made since running this story, such as all recitals will now be offered through YouTube and Google Drive.

The Yorkton

Our "Sharing is Caring" program was shared in Yorkton, Saskatchewan as well!

Winnipeg Free Press

In November-December 2020, Corey took time to record over 40 Christmas arrangements and share these with the Elmwood Community.

"The fact he did all these videos to provide music to the community as a gift...that’s exactly who Corey is. That’s the Corey I know," said Christine Davis, who heard Francis play piano at the Kildonan Personal Care Centre, where he worked, and she volunteers.

"He’s so kind and thoughtful and professional. It’s beyond his years," Davis said.

Global News Morning

In early December 2020, after sharing these Youtube playlists of Christmas Music, Corey was approached by Global News Morning to do a segment called "Merry Music Monday".

The interview was conducted via Skype because of the pandemic. Corey answered a few questions regarding what kept him busy during the pandemic. He then performed Joel Raney's arrangement of "The First Noel" on his very own grand piano.

 CBC Radio

In this 8-minute phone interview with Marcy Markusa, Corey answers hard-hitting questions regarding how he hopes to inspire his students through his performances, and how moving to online lessons has affected his teaching styles - offering a few "silver linings" for students' learning.

Hear the "inside scoop" about Corey's fantastic, colourful teaching suits, and learn a little about how student recitals are run, why not one, but five recitals are held each year, and our meaningful "sticky notes" tradition.

CTV News

In May 2020, Corey took it upon himself to purchase a digital piano for a student in need. It has 88 full-sized and weighted keys, a music stand, a bench, and a pedal.

“It was so overwhelming,” said Thomas-Passey. “Honestly I was just in tears at work."

“It’s just one of the sweetest things anyone has done for our family. And to know that people so supportive and caring during hard times like this. I mean, it’s money out of his pocket that he using for us, and I couldn’t be more appreciative.”

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