Attendance and Make-Up Lessons

Regular attendance is expected of all students. Students receive an opportunity for two "make up" lessons each year. For those that come to all 34 lessons, these students receive these Flex Lessons as 2 FREE lessons. However, students are charged for all lessons they are registered for, including those missed through student absence. Notification of inability to attend lessons does not excuse payment for the lesson.

Withdrawal Process

The parent or student is required to give one-month (30 days) written notice in the event that the parent or student decides to withdraw from their lessons. It is possible to break the lesson contract between September 1 and April 15 each year. Any uncashed cheques will be returned, provided 30 day's notice has been given, and the request was made prior to April 15.

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Recitals, Festivals and Exams

Five recitals are planned each year. Participation is optional but greatly encouraged. Students (Level 1 RCM+) may participate in the Winnipeg Music Festival, which happens between February and March each year. According to each student’s personal goals, Royal Conservatory Examinations can be registered for and lessons will be directed towards the student’s preparation for these examinations.


Learn more about attendance, make-up lessons, recitals and withdrawal process.

Fees/Payment Info

Learn more about the fees and payment information associated with private lessons.

Now Accepting Students

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