Music Lesson Choices

We currently offer private lessons for students ages 6+ in Piano, Violin/Fiddle, Voice, Flute, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Ukulele and a Mini Musicians Class for students ages 4-5. Depending on your child's age, goals and interests, we have a few different programs available to try out. Please read below for more information!

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Piano Program

Private Piano Lessons are provided once per week for students as early as 6 years old from beginner levels through to Level 10 of the Royal Conservatory of Music. Lessons are adapted to each student's goals and interests, and include ear training, technique development, an introduction to improvising and writing music, formal theory lessons, preparation for exams, recitals, festivals and more!

Music Theatre & Voice Program

Our Music Theatre program is led by Gemma Williams. Students take private voice lessons and perform a variety of musical selections together! 'Everyone deserves a chance to fly' is a quote from Gemma's favourite musical Wicked, and her students truly learn to fly by finding their own voice and in singing with others. Students learn to sing with healthy singing technique, while also nurturing their love of music.

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Rock Band Program

Our Rock Band Program is led by Nic Lawrenz. Students taking lessons in guitar, bass, drums, and ukulele join together (often along with piano/voice students) in group classes to jam and make music together -- like a real band! Nic loves to teach and inspire players of all ages to reach their potential, and he does so while studying music that is fun, applicable and educational.

Shared Lessons

Shared Lessons are also an option for students in private lessons as young as 6 years old, at all levels, and with all instruments. Students watch each others' private lesson, and share a designated portion of their lesson time to play/sing duets together and enjoy a variety of fun musical games and activities! Parents with siblings in lessons often request for 30+45 minutes, so 15 minutes is flexible time to share!

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Mini Musicians Class

Mini Musicians is a 45 min/week class for children ages 4-5 with small class sizes (4-6 children/class) to help students build a musical foundation over their 1-2 years in the program, preparing them to excel in formal piano lessons! The course includes singing, chanting, playing rhythmic instruments, bells, glockenspiels, boom whackers, movement, listening, colouring, music theory games, piano playing, and more!

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Teaching in Action

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Now Accepting Students

Creative Expressions Music Academy is now accepting students for piano, voice, violin, flute, guitar, bass, and drums. Sign up today!