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Private Piano Lessons

Private lessons begin at age 6, and Corey uses a variety of methods and resources to tailor the piano lessons to the individual goals and needs of each student!

Lessons include: hundreds of music theory games through Vibrant Music Teaching, motivating studio challenges, apps/technology, back-tracks for practicing, piano duets and trios, professional communication, improvising and writing music, formal theory lessons, preparation for exams, recitals, festivals and much more!


Mini Musicians

Corey also teaches group classes for young children called "Mini Musicians" (ages 4-5). This course provides an excellent start to young musicians, and prepares them to excel in private piano lessons in the future!

The course includes: singing, chanting, playing rhythmic instruments, learning music on bells, glockenspeils and boom whackers, movement, listening, colouring, music theory games, piano playing, and much more!

Motivating Studio Challenges, so Students WANT to Practice!

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Many Performance Opportunities & Teaching Resources!

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Demonstrated Success with Intermediate & Advanced Students!

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Schedule & Location

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Lesson Package & Rates

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Policies & Procedures

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What Are You Waiting For?!!

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