Lesson Rates

2022 Equal-Payment Plan:

You receive 40 "Music-Learning Experiences" each year, including 30 private lessons + 3 group lessons + 1 masterclass + 4 recitals + RCM Exams & Winnipeg Music Festival (for higher level students) and/or 2 Family Events each year (for all students).

Payment is spread out over 10 months from September to June each year. We take 3 weeks off over Christmas and Spring Break, and each month has a variety of Music-Learning Experiences planned. Thus, monthly rates are paid in equal instalments.

Rates: Mini Musicians Class

  • $115.00/month for 45-minute classes                     (Classes begin once fully registered)

Rates: Private Lessons - Team Teachers

  • $115.00/month for 30-minute weekly lessons
  • $162.50/month for 45-minute weekly lessons (discounted from $172.50)
  • $210.00/month for 60-minute weekly lessons (discounted from $230.00)

Rates: Private Lessons - with Corey

  • $135.00/month for 30-minute weekly lessons
  • $192.50/month for 45-minute weekly lessons (discounted from $202.50)
  • $250.00/month for 60-minute weekly lessons (discounted from $270.00)

Availability with Corey himself is very limited.

While you're welcome to wait for an opening with Corey by joining our waitlist, we honestly recommend registering with one of our "Team Teachers" to begin, knowing you can still transfer to Corey in the future.

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Loyalty Pricing:

After your first year, subsequent years are discounted:

  • $5.00/month off 30-minute lessons
  • $5.00/month off Mini Musicians Classes
  • $7.50/month off 45-minute lessons
  • $10.00/month off 60-minute lessons
Longer Lessons are discounted:
  • $10/month – 45-min Lessons
  • $20/month – 60-min Lessons
Family Pricing for 3rd child and beyond:
  • $20/month – any lesson length
  • There is no discount for the first two children

Payment Information:

Cheques, e-Transfer, and credit cards are all accepted as methods of payment. Credit cards and e-Transfers are due on the final day of the previous month, while cheques are due the first of the month. Credit cards add a 3.6% processing fee through Square.

If you select post-dated cheques, all ten (10) cheques are required at time of registration each year. Cheques must be post-dated September 1, October 1, November 1, December 1, January 1, February 1, March 1, April 1, May 1, June 1. Cheques should be made payable to Creative Expressions Music Academy.

For more information about attendance and withdrawal, please click here.

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