How we Began

In January 2018, Corey established Piano Expressions with Corey with the desire to bring music, happiness and purpose back into his life. For the first year or so, Corey taught a few students at a local church while continuing to work his day job, and he soon found that teaching his students was the best part of his day! Little did he know, this reignited love for music teaching would soon blossom into a full-time career!

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In June 2019, Corey made the decision to quit his day job and venture out on his own. He began actively advertising and bringing new students into his studio. Taking professional development courses, and finding new and inspiring curriculums to teach became the focus of the next few months. Corey spent the summer putting together vast array of music-theory games, studio challenges, teaching resources, and music repertoire!

Piano Expressions with Corey held its first student recital in July 2019, with eight students performing to a large audience. From here, the studio grew exponentially. In just two short months, Corey welcomed over 35 new students into his studio for September 2019, and by December, his studio had grown to over 50 students! Currently, over 65 students have registered for the September 2020 - June 2021 Session!

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Now Accepting Students

Our Piano Expressions with Corey studio is accepting students for our Fall 2021 Wait List, to begin lessons as soon as there is room. Sign up today!