Music Theory Games

Students learn so much through play, so why not find new ways to keep lessons fun and enjoyable?

When a particular concept is difficult to understand, instead of asking a student to repeatedly work through the issue, Corey utilizes over 100 music theory games and off-the-bench activities through Vibrant Music Teaching to keep students engaged in their lessons.

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Apps & Technology

The use of Apps and Technology can be a key way to engage students of all levels in their practicing at home and overall musical growth. Apps can also provide opportunities for students to play musical games that work on musical concepts while away from the piano.

In addition to musical back-tracks for the method books, the apps listed below assist students in building their musicianship skills, such as: grand staff-recognition, sight-reading, ear-training, rhythms, theory, and keeping a steady beat.

Apps can engage students in their practicing at home by recording themselves playing their pieces, composing music, improvising and practicing scales to back-tracks, and in creating a "choice wheel" for their practice strategies!

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