Collaboration of Student, Parent & Teacher

At Piano Expressions with Corey, teamwork between our students, their parents and the teacher is fundamental to our curriculum! With a parent's involvement, encouragement and loving attitude towards music, your child will excel in their musical journey.

Playing the piano is a life-long experience of constant learning. Our teachers will be there to give your child an excellent start and offer guidance along the way! Read below to learn more about how the specific roles of the student, parent and teacher work together.

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Role of the Student

View performances of students in Beginner through Advanced levels, and understand what is required.

Role of the Parent

As a piano parent, you play a vital role in ensuring your child succeeds in their piano lessons.

Role of the Teacher

Instill a love for music, celebrate their identity, customize the approach and engage their brain.




Register for Lessons

Our Piano Expressions with Corey studio is accepting students for our teacher Amy Whittaker in West Kildonan to begin lessons in Fall 2022. Sign up today!