Collaboration of Student, Parent & Teacher

With a parent's involvement, encouragement and loving attitude towards music, your child will learn, love and produce great results in their musical journey. Playing the piano is a life-long experience of constant learning. Corey will be there to give your child an excellent start and offer guidance along the way!

At Piano Expressions with Corey, teamwork between our students, their parents and the teacher is fundamental to our curriculum! Read below to learn more about Corey's resources, teaching style, and his expectations for students and parents.

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#1: Inspired Resources and Curriculum

Through years of experience and training, Corey has created a flexible and exciting music curriculum that inspires a true love for music in his students and motivates students to practice at home!

His resources include hundreds of musical games and activities, interactive practice apps, music back-tracks to play with and dozens of elaborate studio challenges. Corey also motivates his students with lively teacher duets and five recitals to enjoy each year!


Recitals, Exams & Festivals

With five annual recitals, students are always prepared for festivals, competitions, and examinations.

Games, Apps & Technology

By utilizing 100's of games, apps and resources, students enjoy learning both on and off the piano!

Studio Challenges & Repertoire

Students perform a wide variety of music and enjoy elaborate, motivating Studio Challenges!

#2: The Role of the Student

Corey enjoys teaching students at all levels, using individualized practice strategies and resources to help each student achieve their personal best; however, learning the piano requires a high level of self-discipline and commitment.

Students are expected to practice daily (5 days/week) and work on tasks assigned, but with fun resources and studio challenges, students enjoy practicing!

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#3: Involving Parents for Success

Families are highly encouraged and supported in participating in their child's musical journey, as well as their recitals, festivals, exams and during our studio challenges and community outreach programs.

Parents receive a combination of helpful videos, text reminders, weekly lesson assignments, and frequent MailChimp newsletters to stay informed and involved in their child's lessons, promoting success in all ages!

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"Piano Expressions Parents"

Our private Facebook group offers parents a safe place to communicate with one another, ask questions, share ideas, and foster a sense of community!

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