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Stuffy Piano Lessons? A Thing of the Past!

Many of us experienced childhood trauma with piano teachers who made us feel inadequate. Perhaps you still shudder when you think back to your recital, found piano lessons to be sort of lonely... or maybe you decided early on that you just were NOT musical! Unfortunately, these attitudes tend to stick with us for life, causing kids to decide to quit lessons way too early!

Teamwork & Community

For these reasons, the relationship between the teacher, parent, and student is EVERYTHING. The child must feel safe, supported and encouraged. It's about helping kids truly understand why they should be proud of themselves, and providing loads of opportunities for kids to build connections with other students, and learn how music can impact the world around them. 

An Inspired Curriculum

Corey has created a flexible and exciting music curriculum, unique to Winnipeg, and incredibly effective. Each year, students participate in four recitals, five themed studio challenges with incredible prizes, shared lessons, piano camps, studio parties, and community events. We utilize 100's of music games, apps and resources, and prepare kids for RCM exams and festivals.

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Recitals, Exams & Festivals

With four annual recitals, students are always prepared for festivals, competitions, and examinations.

Games, Apps & Technology

By utilizing 100's of games, apps and resources, students enjoy learning both on and off the piano!

Studio Challenges & Repertoire

Students perform a wide variety of music and enjoy elaborate, motivating Studio Challenges!

Combatting Pianist Isolation

It's no secret that when compared to other extra-curricular activities (sports, dance, or martial arts)... taking piano lessons can be a pretty LONELY experience.

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Alternate Lesson Formats

Not every student is going to have the same goals, skills or prior experience. While our curriculum is super flexible, we do have a variety of other lesson formats we offer for students at Piano Expressions with Corey!

Click below for information on our shared lessons, adult lessons, piano duets, and composition lessons.

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