An Inspired Lesson Plan & Curriculum

Why choose Piano Expressions with Corey?

Corey is incredibly devoted to his students' success. He nurtures their love of piano and motivates and inspires his students - so they want to practice!

From organizing five recital opportunities each year, to utilizing hundreds of music theory games and apps, to creating dozens of elaborate studio challenges, Corey is fully invested in your child's musical journey.


Find out more about Corey's inspired teaching curriculum by clicking the links below, and scroll down for Corey's teaching philosophies and to listen to a variety of student performances which highlight all levels of musicianship.

Recitals, Exams & Festivals

With five annual recital opportunities, students are always prepared for festivals and competitions, as well as examinations through the Royal Conservatory of Music.

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Games, Apps & Technology

Corey utilizes hundreds of musical games and resources through Vibrant Music Teaching, as well as dozens of fun Apps which help students learn both on and off the piano!

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Studio Challenges & Repertoire

Corey uses a wide variety of music and creates elaborate, motivating Studio Challenges, with themes such as "Harry Potter", "Pokémon", "Minecraft", "PAW Patrol" and more!

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Teaching Philosophy

Learn more about Corey's teaching
philosophies and his goals for his students.

Student Performances

Learn more about Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

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