40 Music-Learning Experiences

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Corey has created a flexible and exciting music curriculum, unique to Winnipeg, and incredibly effective.

Each year, our students enjoy a well-balanced program that offers 40 Music-Learning Experiences, which include a unique balance of private and group learning experiences:

  • 30 Interactive Private Lessons
  • 3 Group Lessons
  • 1 Masterclass
  • 4 Recitals
  • 2 Family Events

Our higher-level students are prepared for RCM Examinations and the Winnipeg Music Festival, if they wish.

What's Our Secret?

Each year, Corey creates 4 elaborate and FUN Studio Challenges (with epic prizes to win, valued as high as $50 each)! Students learn the value of earning their prize, and parents find it easy to motivate practicing at home!

Each challenge is designed to unique weekly goals that encourage students to work on a variety of music skills and share their music with friends and family! It's a proven fact that we all learn more when we're having fun!

Students find learning engaging with hundreds of music games utilized in lessons, off-the-bench activities, and an incredible selection of fun music to play! We send along recommendations for music apps and many resources to assist with practicing at home.

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Community Values


Our curriculum includes celebration parties for the top-practicing students, shared lessons for duets and chamber music, and two large family events each year (our Pizza & Pool Party in February, and the Pride March in June) so kids can find camaraderie with one another.

Students recognize music's impact on the community around them by raising money for various causes (Musicthon, Ukraine, Pet Shelters), and performing in local personal care homes. As Covid-19 made performing in care homes difficult, throughout 2021 we emailed over 300 student performances to all the care homes across Manitoba.

If you're interested in viewing more details around our curriculum, please click on the links below!

Interested to Know More?

Recitals, Exams & Festivals

With four annual recitals, students are always prepared for festivals, competitions, and examinations.

Games, Apps & Technology

By utilizing 100's of games, apps and resources, students enjoy learning both on and off the piano!

Studio Challenges & Repertoire

Students perform a wide variety of music and enjoy elaborate, motivating Studio Challenges!

Alternate Lesson Formats

Not every student is going to have the same goals, skills or prior experience. While our curriculum is super flexible, we do have a variety of other lesson formats we offer for students at Creative Expressions Music Academy!

Click below for information on our shared lessons, adult lessons, piano duets, and composition lessons.

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Now Accepting Students

Creative Expressions Music Academy is now accepting students for piano, voice, violin, flute, guitar, bass, and drums. Sign up today!