Covid-19 Information

Our music school follows the Manitoba Public Health orders, restrictions and guidelines. Our students receive lessons through online platforms as well as in-person lessons (with safety precautions) whenever possible. Please read below for more information regarding our safety precautions and lesson options during Covid-19.

In-Person Lessons

Please view this video for a walk-through of how we keep students safe during lessons at the studio. Our safety precautions include sanitizing hands and piano keys, maintaining a 6-foot distance while teaching, wearing masks, and having students use separate entrances for entry and exit. Online lessons are offered when Covid-19 symptoms are present.

Online Lessons

Online Lessons are offered through a variety of platforms, such as FaceTime, Zoom, Skype or Facebook Messenger. Students provide their information and choice of online lesson at time of registration. We use online lessons interchangeably with regular lessons, so students do not miss a lesson due to minor illness or when Music Schools are mandated to close.

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Keeping Students Engaged

Having the ability to move to online platforms and continue our music lessons brought a sense of normalcy when the pandemic hit, especially with schools and most other activities being cancelled. As the year progressed, we became better and better at making the most of our technology and making the most of our time together!

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Adapted Studio Challenges

We continue with online versions of our studio challenges when music schools are mandated to close during waves of Covid-19. All that is generally required of parents is to print off 1-2 pages from home (or pick it up from Corey's mailbox), and pick up a prize when your child wins! The rest is explained during our lessons.

Facebook Recitals

During Covid-19, we continue with our many recitals, pre-recording each performance and posting in a Facebook Event! This way, students still have a performance to look forward to, and parents can share their child's recital video with friends and family from all over the world, and keep a precious memory of their child performing!

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Spirit Lessons

At the news that we would have to switch again to online lessons during the third wave of Covid-19, students joined in a series of SPIRIT lessons, dressing up each week in a different attire! Students enjoyed telling jokes and laughing in their lessons, keeping our lessons FUN, while also motivating students to be prepared for an excellent learning experience!

Giving Back to the Community

During Covid-19, students at Creative Expressions Music Academy made national headlines, becoming motivated to record over 500 performances for seniors! Students submitted videos from home and in lessons at the studio. Corey used the videos to create the "Sharing is Caring" program, sending monthly virtual piano recitals to all 130 personal care homes across Manitoba!

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2021 Celebration Certificates

To celebrate our 2020-2021 Year, students were pleased to receive a special certificate with a photo highlighting a special memory we shared during our lessons - whether in-person or online! Each certificate also had a unique QR Code, with a personalized voice message for each student and one their own recital pieces as the background music!

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