Caring for our Community

Students at Creative Expressions Music Academy learn about the capacity their music has to make a difference in the greater community. We do this in small ways such as performing for friends and family in our studio challenges, and in larger ways such as hosting recitals in local care homes and raising funds for music programs.

Collection for Ukraine

In our first live recital since Covid-19 began, our students and their families enjoyed Corey's performance of three pieces by Ukrainian Composer: Evgeny Khmara, and made donations to Ukraine following the recital. We were able to contribute just over $700.00 to the Canada-Ukraine Foundation.

Sing-Alongs at Care Homes

Here is a clip from one of our student recitals just prior to the pandemic in December 2019.

After all of the students performed their pieces for the seniors, we passed out jingle bells and sang a few sing-alongs with the residents, including this "Jingle Bell Rock".

Remembrance Day Tribute

Here is our 2021 Remembrance Day tribute -- an exquisite arrangement of "The Last Post" by Alexis Ffrench, for trumpet and piano.

This piece was recorded on our acoustic grand piano, with the BBC SO Solo Trumpet VST to interweave the familiar melody.


Artists in Healthcare, MB

From 2013-2017, Corey volunteered with the charitable organization, Artists in Healthcare, MB raising over $32,000 and creating the largest rural branch of their organization.

Over the years, 1,000+ live music concerts were performed for residents in care homes in Brandon and Souris, Manitoba; free-of-charge. Following his move to Winnipeg, the program is still funded each year through City of Brandon Grants.

Community Outreach Initiatives

Our students are actively involved in a large community outreach initiative each year that feature their performances and foster important values and a sense of community spirit in each student. Click on the images below for more information and media coverage highlighting our students and studio initiatives!

Sharing is Caring

We have initiated a virtual program bringing our recitals into all 130 Manitoba care homes each month.

Musicthon Fundraiser

Since 2021, our studio has raised $2,673 to provide music programs for over 300 children in need!

Media Coverage

Browse through a variety of television, radio and newspaper articles covering studio initiatives!

Combatting Isolation

It's no secret that when compared to other extra-curricular activities (sports, dance, or martial arts) private music lessons can be a pretty LONELY experience.

Click below for information on the opportunities our unique curriculum provides to our students!

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Now Accepting Students

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