Must Music Lessons be a Solitary Activity?


When taking private music lessons, the expected "student experience" is that your child will take lessons one-on-one with their teacher, week after week, and then come home to practice practice... also alone.

Your child may see other students at the final recital each year, but the only chance to INTERACT with other students would be at the reception... if they can even work up the nerve to say hi!

Here at Creative Expressions Music Academy, we work hard to provide a much different experience for our students - in all stages of learning - by finding ways to get students together MULTIPLE times of the year!

In addition to offering not one, but FOUR recitals each year (with perks like our Nice Notes and a HUGE Ice Cream Sundae Bar), we offer some pretty INCREDIBLE opportunities for our students, such as: Music Camps, Shared Lessons, Challenge Parties and our Annual Studio Events!

Read below to see how we combat student isolation in the lesson experience.

Music Camps & Masterclass

4 times/year, students get together in groups of approximately 6-10 students to celebrate their progress, play an ice-breaker game, perform a piece and offer compliments, play music-theory games, and EAT some delicious food! Students LOVE these opportunities, feeling a sense of camaraderie knowing other kids are going through a similar journey!


Shared Lessons

Whether with their sibling, friend, or even another one of our music students, we encourage students to share their private lesson times, performing and playing games together. Most recently, one of our students stepped up BIG TIME to play the left hand for another student who had broken their arm, so that they wouldn't have to miss their recital.

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Challenge Parties

Each year, our final Studio Challenge is a HUGE RAFFLE, where students earn tickets for practice, theory, passing pieces, and defeating the villains/bosses each week (our way of adding in ear-training, note recognition, rhythm, etc.). We also host a FANTASTIC THEMED PARTY for the top 8 students to meet new friends, eat delicious food and HAVE FUN!


Annual Studio Party

Each year, we do something special to commemorate our students and promote a sense of community for our families. Covid-19 cancelled our 2020/2021 Studio Parties, so we honoured students with Spirit Lessons/QR Code Certificates. In 2022, we were pleased to host our Pizza & Pool Party at the Elmwood-Kildonan Pool and it was FANTASTIC!


Now Accepting Students

Creative Expressions Music Academy is now accepting students for piano, voice, violin, flute, guitar, bass, and drums. Sign up today!