Why Choose Our Music School?

At Piano Expressions with Corey, students and their families become a part of our musical community, receiving a "small town experience" in the big city. Our teachers make a personal connection with each student and provide opportunities for families to mingle with one another, sharing in musical experiences.

A Passion for Teaching

We are incredibly devoted to our students' success. We tailor lessons to meet each students' goals and needs, and build intrinsic motivation in each student!

Using incredible musical resources, games and activities, we nurture your child's love of piano and motivate them - so they want to practice!

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Music You Will Love

Corey continues to perform regularly in his recitals and around Manitoba.

Here is a gorgeous arrangement of "The Greatest Showman" by Jon Michael Ogletree. Watch Corey's hands as he performs this piece with passion and skill!

About Piano Expressions with Corey

Click below to learn about our teachers, read a brief history of our studio, and enjoy some recordings.

Meet Our Teachers

Meet our teachers, see their studios and check to see who has availability to offer piano lessons!

How We Began

Learn a little bit about how our studio grew from a handful of students into 75+ students!

Corey's Portfolio

Over Covid-19, Corey has recorded over 150 gorgeous piano pieces. Click here for Youtube playlists!

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Now Accepting Students

Our Piano Expressions with Corey studio is accepting students for our Wait List, to begin lessons as soon as there is room. Sign up today!