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Welcome to our New Website!

Creative Expressions has EXPANDED to provide music lessons for many instruments!

We are now accepting Student Registrations for piano, violin, voice, guitar, bass, flute, ukulele and drums! And you can begin at ANY TIME by sending in your details!

Music Lessons Reimagined

At Creative Expressions Music Academy, it is our core belief that learning music -- while a difficult journey -- should still be engaging and fun!

Our focus is to develop an intrinsic motivation in each child by helping them fall in love with their instrument from their very first lesson. Kids should be EXCITED to go home and practice... it shouldn't be a daily struggle!

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This is why at Creative Expressions, we do things a little differently.

  • Music: Students learn catchy, engaging music with practice apps, back-tracks for practicing, & teacher duets.
  • Theory: Theory doesn't have to be boring... kids ENJOY learning with hundreds of games, apps & resources.
  • Practice: It's easy to encourage practice at home with FUN studio challenges & AMAZING prizes up for grabs.
  • Performance: With 4 recitals every year, students get loads of experience polishing their pieces & performing.

As a parent, we want you to feel supported, included and comfortable with us too.

  • Curriculum: You can trust that our curriculum is well-balanced at its core, nurturing talented musicians.
  • Teamwork: We believe in fostering an environment where the parent, student and teacher all work together.
  • Support: Families support one another & receive weekly communication, helpful videos & assistance from us.
  • Community: Students learn about the capacity their music has to make a difference in the greater community.

Meet Our Teachers!

Meet our Team Teachers: Piano, Voice, Violin, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Theory, Ukulele & Flute!

We find JOY in Music!


About Our Studio

Get to know a little about our students, our journey becoming a music school, and Corey himself!

Inspired Curriculum

Lessons include music games, apps & technology, and many performances & studio challenges!

Our Responsibilities

To ensure your child excels in their music journey, the student, parent and teacher must work together!

Lesson Information

View our Lesson Options, Package & Rates, Schedule & Location and Policies & Procedures.

Community Initiatives

Learn about our efforts to help children in need, and seniors in personal care homes across MB.

Studio Reviews

Read through a variety of student and family testimonials and reviews of our Music School!

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2022 Best in Winnipeg WINNER!

We are pleased to be recognized as the #1 Piano Studio in Best in Winnipeg's 2022 Choice for Fun and Professional Piano Lessons.

The criteria included Learning Efficiency, Fun Experience, Teaching Technique and Professionalism. Their reviewing process included Brand Reputation, Quality of Services Offered, Reviews, Prices and Accessibility.

Now Accepting Students

Creative Expressions Music Academy is now accepting students for piano, voice, violin, flute, guitar, bass, and drums. Sign up today!